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Your amazing pelvic floor muscles are even more vital than you might think. As well as supporting your bladder, uterus and bowel, helping with bladder and bowel control and assisting your posture, they are also vital for sexual satisfaction.

Training your pelvic floor, including learning how to properly contract and relax the muscles, can have a huge benefit for sex – whether you are struggling with painful sexual intercourse, or a lack of sensation.POGP2 colour (2)

The POGP have free leaflets on working your pelvic floor, that you can access here (for both men and women)

How do you know if your pelvic floor muscles are working optimally? POGP-registered physiotherapists have postgraduate training in proper assessment and treatment of the pelvic floor. They can teach a correct contraction, help relax and release overtight muscles and devise an individual treatment programme appropriate for you.




Carolyn Lindsay has postgraduate training in assessment and treatment of the pelvic floor and is also currently training towards a diploma in Psychosexual medicine with the Institute of Psychosexual Medicine.  She has been a pelvic floor physiotherapist since 2004 and regularly works with patients struggling with painful or unsatisfactory sex. You can contact Carolyn using the details here

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