Types available:

  • Therapeutic massage
  • Pregnancy & postnatal massage
  • Relaxation massage

Massage is one of the key physiotherapy skills however, in our time-constrained NHS, it can rarely be used to its full potential and is often undervalued. As well as specific treatment such as working on joint or muscle problems, stretching scar tissue and reducing swelling it also promotes wider psychological and physical benefits. Through its influence on the nervous system it can decrease muscle tension and spasm providing relaxation and stress reduction. For women juggling busy lives massage also offers important ‘me time’.

Massage is also safe throughout pregnancy. It can provide a one-off pampering opportunity or regular sessions can help the body to cope with the many changes that pregnancy brings. In early pregnancy massage focuses on relaxation with gentle holds and acupressure techniques. Later on, massage is used to help the body adapt to postural challenges and reduce joint and muscle stiffness and swelling. Studies have shown acupressure to be effective for pain relief in labour and these techniques can be taught to you or your birth partner.

Postnatal massage can support the body in returning to balance and shape, releasing tension and aiding muscle recovery.

At the initial assessment Carolyn will take a general medical history as well as information about any specific problems. If you are pregnant she will ask for information related to the pregnancy. Generally you will need to undress to your underwear to receive the massage but will be kept appropriately covered at all times. Alternatively, specific massage may be integrated into any physiotherapy treatment that you are receiving.

Massage gift vouchers are available. Email for further information.