Effective Headache treatment

Acupuncture plus Physiotherapy for Headache relief.

Recent research shows that acupuncture treatment is beneficial for both migraine and tension-type headaches. Combined with physiotherapy to treat neck and spine stiffness and trigger points, the effects can be even more pronounced.

A recent large research project into migraine headache reviewed 22 trials (with 5,000 headache sufferers) comparing drugs, sham acupuncture treatment and true acupuncture. (Trinh et al, 2016).

They found that acupuncture treatment can cut the incidence of headaches over a monthly period by nearly half.

AACP Logo‘If people have six days with migraine per month on average before starting treatment, this would be reduced to 5 days in people receiving usual care…..and to 3.5 days in those receiving true acupuncture’

This represents a significant improvement in the quality of life of sufferers.

A review of tension-type headaches looked at 12 trials with 2,349 headache sufferers. They found high quality evidence that acupuncture worked better than routine care (medication) or sham acupuncture (Linde et al, 2016)

A recent Cochrane review (January 2016) of 12 high quality studies concluded:

‘A course of acupuncture consisting of at least 6 sessions can be a valuable option for people with frequent tension-type headaches’

GRI_4642For many people headaches are associated with and indeed cause, musculoskeletal problems including postural issues, muscle imbalance and discomfort and neck and back stiffness. These problems are also exacerbated by our modern lifestyles including work stresses and positioning, leisure and use of mobile devices.

Physiotherapy can help with this through postural advice, mobilisation of the spine and soft tissues, exercises and massage.

Combining physiotherapy with acupuncture provides a comprehensive treatment to target contributing causes and the pain of persistent headaches.

Carolyn Lindsay has additional training in medical acupuncture and can combine both treatments within a usual 45 minute treatment session at no extra cost. She works from the Treatment Space in Heeley, Sheffield.

To discuss treatment, or to enquire about appointment contact Carolyn here.

Information about acupuncture for migraines from the Migraine Trust can be found here.

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